Plug Joint Connectors

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    The Plug-Joint-Connector is especially efficient for the wiring of prefabricated buildings. The electrical wires are already installed when the wall, floor or roof is made at factory. Your electrician only needs to push the Plug into the Tab-Block at the field. It’s so convenient that you may even not need a professional electrician at the field.


    • Simple & Easy Connection – Just plug it into the terminal block to make indoor electrical wiring simple.
    • Simple & Easy Re-wiring – Changing the terminal block makes single line or double line connections.
    • Reusable Plug – Terminal Block – The plug and terminal block are reusable. To take off the wires, press the lock release lever using a flathead screw driver on the plug.
    • Safety Design – Our engineers have worked carefully to ensure your safety.
    • Sure Connection / Wiring – To prevent improper connections, the plug and terminal block have the correct mating mechanism. Transparent plug housing ensures easy visual inspection for proper polarity.
    • No Junction Box is Required – This product is approved by the Japanese Electrical Appliance and Material Safety laws without having to use a Junction Box.
    • The Attachments Allow Stranded Wire Connection With the Plug – Using the cover and the pin terminals, the plug will accept stranded wire.