2-part blog post: Part 1- How Dangerous is it to Work Near Heavy Machinery?

Every day thousands of engineers, operators, assemblers and compounders are faced with the dangers of working near heavy machinery. In addition to heavy machinery, these workers also face the dangers of conveyor belts, combustible liquids and spray booths. Most warehouses and production plants are noisy, fast-paced and have many moving parts. It’s no wonder that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 300 work-related fatalities are reported each year in the US. In addition, nearly 400,000 non-fatal injuries are reported annually, out of approximately 12 million people who are employed in the industry.

Despite the dangers, the National Association of Manufacturers reports that for every $1 spent in manufacturing, another $1.40 is added to the economy. Manufacturing is a crucial part of the keeping the economy going strong. Manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector. Continuing to increase the safety measures for people working with heavy machinery and other workforce dangers in manufacturing should be a priority for every manufacturer.