Every business can learn from Amazon about automation and robotics

Amazon is leading the charge to reshape how the logistics industry operates by using automation and robotics. More and more, consumers are dictating logistics operations by their ever-shortening demand for fast and convenient everything. Amazon has set this bar high and consumers don’t want anything less than Amazon-fast. Logistics is becoming ever more data-driven as a response to this increasing demand for faster response, faster delivery and flawless execution.

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New ways to implement continuous improvement in factories

Continuous improvement has long been an important part of staying competitive in manufacturing. As product life cycles become shorter and the number of new product proliferation grows, there is an increased need for continuous improvement.

Some of the new trends in manufacturing that are being embraced include additive manufacturing, cloud-based systems, rapid design and super-fast prototyping, and crowd-sourcing. Here are just a few ways these trends will help factories implement continuous improvement across their supply chains.

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The Industrial Internet of Things is About to Change Manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has the opportunity to bring changes across the manufacturing industry in a variety of ways. information will increasingly be generated by machines and things, and that information will be connected to help unveil insights across the supply chain. How exactly will IIoT change manufacturing? No one can predict for certain, however, as information is increasingly generated by machines and things, information will be tracked and captured using sensors, RFID tags, meters, actuators and GPS, among other things. We can expect that inventory will count and manage itself, shipping containers will detect their contents, assembly will be robotic, the entire value chain will be connected and connectivity will mean worldwide networks will plan and make decisions in real time. Some of this is already occurring in manufacturing and things will continue to go in this direction.

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