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Two Innovating Technologies that could change the Manufacturing industry

As we enter the year 2018, nearly every manufacturing company is seeking new ways to help them create their products cheaper, better and faster. The million-dollar question is what are the emerging technologies and innovations that are available?  
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Several manufacturing industries are operating high risk and demanding tasks which often require the work of several humans. Tasks such as operating machinery at extreme temperatures or dangerous speeds add a life-threatening risk and liability for a human worker. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to eliminate this risk when implemented to perform tasks that would otherwise be dangerous for a person. As AI continues to improve, the more complex tasks can be programed into machinery to mitigate and perform a manufacturing tasks more efficiently. Other potential benefits allow for more predictable maintenance as well as added security when sensitive data is involved. The most controversial aspect of AI brings worry to human workers potentially being replaced entirely by machines. While there are some tasks that have been completely replaced with AI robots, there are many who believe that this will add to more jobs to the manufacturing industry.
  1. Block Chain
Digital technology has become necessary to program complex tasks in machinery. As manufacturing industries depend more on computers, an added level of transparency is needed to protect sensitive information from leaking. With machinery operated by computers, leaves an opportunity for any malicious hacker to steal valuable information or even worse, cause a machine to dangerously malfunction. Block Chain adds an extra level of security which essentially solves the problem of manipulation. Because data must be distributed and cannot be copied or manufacturing, any person who would try to tamper with a device will require tremendous amount of computer power to override the entire network. Are these technologies right for you? Your decision on if to implement these technologies for your company should weigh on cost, efficiency, security, and data protection. These technologies are still very young and may not be necessary just yet. On the other spectrum, these technologies could exponentially boost your productivity.